1990s: towards a new identity. 

FTPSS was one of the pioneer single-session schools in the early 1990s. In 1991, the Pre-U centre was phased out as a result of the incorporation of the single-session. The school started the Co-Form Teacher system in 1991 where classes were manned by two teachers to offer more individual help to students.


Ms Shirley Ng
(Student, 1991-1994)

A Nurturing and Caring Environment

First Toa Payoh Secondary School was not her first choice school. On the first day of school, she wanted a transfer. However, she decided to stay on because she felt comfortable being in the school and she felt that the teachers were caring. The emphasis of the school was on academic achievements as well as on sports which suited her active personality. She was part of the Volleyball team and remembers with fondness how tough her CCA was as they trained almost every day, but she did not mind. Not only did the volleyball members trained together but they also studied together to provide the support and encouragement. Through it all, close friendship was forged.

Legacy of the School

The teacher who left a deep impression on her was Mr Chan Boon Bun, who was the Discipline Master at that time. She admired him for his dedication and great care shown to the students. What FTPSS has instilled in her was discipline and resilience which she felt made her who she is today. Shirley is now with the Singapore Armed Forces. In 2014, Shirley was the first female Red Lion parachutist to jump at the National Day Parade. It was a proud moment for her.


Mrs Sia Heng Yee
(Principal, 1994 – 1996)

Dedicated Staff


Mrs Sia joined the school as a Principal in 1994. She was especially proud of her dedicated teaching staff who rendered emotional and academic help in and outside the classroom to bring out the best in the students. As a result, the school’s academic and CCA performances exceeded expectations in 1995. She has fond memories of the school environment as it had the kampong feel which was further enhanced by the efforts of the HOD/PE at that time, Mr Ronnie Lim and the CCA groups that nurtured hundreds of potted plants and many fruit trees. A valuable leadership experience she learnt during her tenure at the school was the importance to empower, trust and focus.