2010s: Celebrating a 5 decade old community

The school has received a diverse student population and through its hands, nurtured them to the true spirit of being an FTPian. While most of the students came from the Toa Payoh neighbourhood, we also have students from various countries. As a result, the students are exposed to a multitude of cultures and ideas.

The next chapter sees FTPSS merge with Bartley Secondary School in 2016 at the latter’s premises.



Ms Choi Jean Yu
(Student, 2009 – 2012)

My Second Home

“The school principal, Mr Lim, placed great emphasis in ensuring every student’s well-being regardless of their backgrounds and past academic records. Mr Lim, who was also my mentor, kept track of my academic performance and provided me with sound advice in post-secondary choices. He also shared the role of education in society which motivated me to appreciate and strive in my studies.

FTPSS is like a family. Although I have left the family to pursue a higher level of education, I am still a part of the family. This bond will remain strong among us even after the merger in 2016.”

Ms Sheng Wen, Cassie
(Student, 2013 – 2015)

The blossoming of a 15-year old compassionate young woman

Cassie is a current student of FTPSS, who would be heading to Bartley Secondary School in 2016. As the last President of FTPSS Student Council, she has matured and grew in confidence. Cassie found it difficult to name a favourite teacher, as she realised that FTPSS teachers truly cared about the students beyond their academic performances. It was easy for her to speak to them, including the Principal, of her concerns. They, in turn, motivated her to strive towards her goal, whether it be her desired subject combination or her stage-fright. She thus saw the school’s focus on building character as pivotal to doing well in life.

Mrs Annie Sheng
(Parent of Sheng Wen, Cassie, 2013 – 2015)

First Impressions: The beauty and heart of the school

Mrs Sheng’s first impression of the school was one of care and concern demonstrated by the staff. It was through an incident when she helped a child, and came into contact with FTPSS staff, that she saw this genuine and thorough way the school handled the case. That was her impetus to placing her daughter, Sheng Wen, Cassie, into FTPSS in 2013.

The attention Cassie and her friends received from her teachers is exceptional, with a focus in building character in students. This nurturing environment gave her a lot of opportunities, and Mrs Sheng was pleasantly surprised how Cassie was able to speak in front of the school confidently. Mrs Sheng is proud of how her 15-year old daughter has matured – confident in carrying herself and yet showing compassion to others. She credits the school’s efforts in knowing the students well, and in Cassie’s case, recognising her potential and providing her the space to strive. Mrs Sheng is sad about the merger and likens it to throwing a piece of artwork away.